My queue has run out! (Again!) How could I have let something like that happen?!

In all honesty, it’s because I’ve just moved to Chicago, and sometimes real life is more important than the internet.

All the different permutations of this blog have been fun. I love that it’s become (mostly) a collection of images I like, and I have every intention to tag the 3,500+ posts so I can really use it as a resource.

Thank you to everyone who has cared enough to follow along. I hope you continue to like what I come up with. Just know that things are going to slow waaay down for a bit.

I’m excited about everything right now, so naturally I’m excited about making this blog something really special.


I write like William Gibson

Neat. I’ve always fancied myself a cyberpunk \m/

Actually, I did this three times with different pieces of writing and I also got Raymond Chandler and J. D. Salinger.

Feeling pretty cool right now.

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

I deleted 400+ “friends” from facebook today. It felt good. Really good.

New Site & New Blog (sort of)

I’ve decided to make tumblr my main squeeze.

That means is that I won’t be updating blogger anymore, but it really means that in addition to random pictures of cats and naked people there will be more doodles and work from yours truly.

Part of the reason for the switch is that I don’t feel pressured to write a clever essay to go along with each post. And there is more interaction with internet strangers. And it’s more fun to use. Also, you can ask me questions, which is great because I have so many opinions!

So blindly reblog all of my posts and ask me how I feel about suspenders/pumpkin ale/motorcycles. I want to connect* with you. 

*wink wink